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This guide stems from two main complexities in todays learning approach for individuals and couples. The first is that teaching methods are incidental and corrections are usually related to wether something worked or did not work at practice or a competition. The second is that most of the teaching and lessons are dedicated to improving a dancer’s mechanical skills. This unfortunately leaves out many different aspects of dance untouched and overlooked and also leaves large gaps in the building process of becoming proficient in the American Smooth Style. This guide is designed to bridge the student between syllabus information and the skills required for a dancer to be a successful competitor and performer. Also this guide will provide methods in order to learn in a continuous and progressive manner as well as encompass many aspects of what makes up a complete dancer. Besides the written information and instructions we have also included short videos which accompany every chapter of this guide because a visual learning approach is also another way dancers can improve.

In all other traditional dance forms as well as sports there has always been an educational order and progression. That orderly learning created solid foundations, concrete knowledge of the subject as well as giving the dancer or athlete time and experience through the process. In ballroom dancing much of our information comes from private lessons or videos, leaving the dancer without enough tools of their own to continue to improve and educate themselves. This is the very reason this guide has been created and we encourage all of you to study, research and develop your dancing and make it a pleasurable and rewarding experience.

Everything in life evolves in one way or another and all things progress as well as change. Today we feel very lucky that our individual journeys as dancers have brought us together and allowed us to evolve, progress and search for more expression in the American Smooth Style. Our journey began nearly 5 years ago in 2015 when we partnered together and began competing a few months later. Our career together was full of ups and downs to say the least and had great moments as well as moments of true disappointment. Nevertheless we learned from all our experiences more than any book or lesson has ever taught us and that is why we decided to gather all of our knowledge and experience for the future generations of American Smooth dancers.

This guide is intended to deliver a progressive and orderly education to anyone who is interested in improving beyond the basic technique. It is not designed to replace or change the basic technique of American Smooth but rather to greatly enhance it. Furthermore it is not a rulebook or a syllabus but rather a supplemental source of progressively ordered information..

We dedicate this project to all of our coaches who guided us along the way and who invested their time and effort into our process. These individuals also believed in our product and we will forever be honored and grateful to have been taught by them.

With great honor and respect
Max & Tatiana

Spine Placement and Partner Relation
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