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The Guide

What is “The Guide”


After many years of coaching and competing we have realized that not all education comes from private lessons or seminars. In fact, when working with students we have found a huge disconnect between the information they learn on lessons and their ability to compete and perform on the ballroom circuit.
In order to bridge this gap for dancers, we decided to create the American Smooth Guide and make the information and educational principles available on this site.
This guide is intended to deliver a progressive and orderly education to anyone who is interested in improving beyond the basic technique. It is not designed to replace or change the basic technique of American Smooth but rather to greatly enhance it. Furthermore it is not a rulebook or a syllabus but rather a supplemental source of progressively ordered information.
This guide is designed to bridge the student between syllabus information and the skills required for a dancer to be a successful competitor and performer. Besides the written information and instructions we have also included short videos which accompany every chapter of this guide because a visual learning approach is also another way dancers can improve.


How to use “The Guide”

From our previous experience as students then coaches, we believe “Practice Makes Perfect”. We recommend that students use The Guide to complement their existing learning paths by picking an area of improvement at a time. Then the student would refer to The Guide chapter or section, read the content, watch the video and Practice. For those who will use our video review membership, the last step is to compile a video for us to review.

Chapter 1

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